On April 23, 2021 Lincoln South Rotary Club presented a "big check" to Michaela Kumke, President and CEO of The Food Bank of Lincoln. There was $12,450 raised from among our members toward The Food Bank of Lincoln's capital campaign.
Thank you to all of the members who supported this drive! This demonstrates how much our Club Members want to help - we find ways to say "yes" to support the needs of our community. And, this campaign took only 11 days. Thanks to the leadership of Chan Tyrrell, Club Campaign Chair and DeEtta Vrana, Club Campaign Co-Chair.
News Release:
In the past year, local Rotary Clubs in Nebraska and Western Iowa have focused on local food distribution to meet the ever growing need to feed the poor and working poor of our towns, cities, and states. 
According to Michaela Kumke, President and CEO of the Food Bank of Lincoln, “an estimated 229,120 Nebraskans are food insecure – that would fill Memorial Stadium 2.5 times”.  Even before the pandemic, food banks were experiencing increased needs and have been looking for solutions to “connect more people to meals, increase access to healthy food, and shorten food lines” Kumke stated.
Most recently, Lincoln South Rotary joined with the Food Bank of Lincoln, which serves the Lincoln Community and Southeast Nebraska, to help increase their capacity to meet the growing need by supporting their capital campaign.  Food Bank of Lincoln’s new facility will not only allow for more food to get to those in need but will provide for more nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.  
Lincoln South Rotary has a long history of supporting the Food Bank of Lincoln, recognized the value and need for the capital campaign, and took the opportunity to help. Chaired by Chan Tyrrell, co-chaired by DeEtta Vrana, a Club campaign resulted in $12,450 from the members of Lincoln South Rotary Club. As stated by Tyrrell, “this support given to the Food Bank will make a direct impact on those in need”. 
Kumke attended a club meeting, accepted the check, and expressed the Food Bank’s appreciation for Lincoln South Rotary Club’s continued support. 
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