Given our inability to meet in person this past year, your Lincoln South Rotary Club Board was concerned that we might lose the interest of our members, when meeting only on Zoom.  
Your Board was also concerned that projects that have been important to our Club, like the Tribute to First Responders, were canceled.  Fearing that the lack of projects where members can become engaged would add to a possible indifference toward Rotary.
To those ends the Board approved five goals, four of which we hoped to achieve this Rotary year.  These are maintaining our Scholarships, Feeding the Hungry, assisting Heroes Into Homes, and planting trees to help our environment. 
Currently, Audrey and her committee are working on scholarships, Kay has agreed to head the planting of trees, and we have already completed a drive to help Heroes Into Homes.  We can never forget our ongoing commitment to Meals on Wheels and our new project of adopting the cleaning of one of Lincoln’s trails.
With us coming toward the last quarter of our Rotary year, your Board would like to adopt one more project, which fits into the goal of Feeding the Hungry.
The Board at their last meeting decided to launch a campaign to help the Lincoln Food Bank with their Capital Campaign.  Your Board has set a goal of $10,000 to this campaign.
As you all know that before the lockdown the Lincoln Food Bank was struggling to meet the needs of our community.  The problem only grew this past year.  They have outgrown their facility, making it more difficult than ever to physically meet the needs of the hungry in Lincoln and Southeast Nebraska. 
Our goal of $10,000 will not only help the Lincoln Food Bank, but it will give our Club recognition as a leader in our community. 
To obtain this goal everyone in our Club will need to be involved.  Although, $10,000 is a big goal for our Club, your Board feels that if everyone does what they can to help we will be able to meet the goal and even during a time when we struggle as a Club to just meet, we can show that we are again one of the leading Clubs in our District.
In the next few weeks, you will learn more about this campaign and each of you will be given a chance to consider a gift toward this campaign.
- - Chan Tyrrell, Lincoln South Rotary Club Coordinator Food Bank Capital Campaign