Mark Jensen recently joined Lincoln South Rotary Club as a transfer from York Rotary.
Mark grew up in Alliance Nebraska and has been in the broadcasting business for 37 years. He gives a lot of credit for the success of his business to his spouse - though she isn't in the business he said her support and guidance allowed him to grow the company and continually enjoy what he does.
He operates radio stations in central Nebraska but last year bought a station in Hawaii.
He has one daughter and a son-in-law and his grandchild is the most intelligent child in Lancaster County.
Mark has been in rotary for 14 years and loves the opportunities it provides to give back to the community. He loves everything about Rotary from local to International. His family had a remarkable experience when they hosted a youth exchange student from Germany. 
Why did he join Lincoln South after moving to Lincoln? He was impressed with our passion, dedication and support of others. At the recent 100-year anniversary celebration in York, he met 8 members from Lincoln South Rotary, the only Rotarians from Lincoln, in attendance to congratulate York Rotary and help in the celebration.
Something many don't know about Mark . . . he is a drummer. He loves music and has played in many bands and believes that is much of why he got interested in radio.