Lincoln South Rotary President 2020-21 Dave Dietz named Chan Tyrrell as Rotarian of the Year. The award recipient is selected by the Club President based on support or service provided to succeed and to help the club meet goals.
While making the presentation, Dietz commented “Chan was a constant support during the year including helping us steer through the changes needed due to the pandemic”.
Early in the year, the club needed to find ways to provide community service in a socially restrictive environment. It was Chan that drafted a plan that was approved by the Club Board to engage the members and serve those in need. Out of that plan, a popular project among the members was Heroes Into Homes which provided a means for members to donate funds and goods to support homeless veterans as they move into homes.
Recognizing the growing number of food insecure individuals in the area, the Food Bank of Lincoln presented Chan with information about their capital campaign.  He brought attention to the campaign and led the drive within Lincoln South Rotary raising $12,450 from among our members. “This successful campaign was all due to Chan and we thank him for sharing his time and talents with us” stated Dietz.
Congratulations and thank you to Chan Tyrrell and his service through Rotary.