We need more Rotarians in Lincoln South Rotary to continue to do great projects. And, there are people out there that need Rotary - that would gain from what Rotary offers.
During our meeting on October 8, 2021 we talked about the excitement of being a Rotarian - why we join and stay in Rotary and how we can bring new faces to our Rotary Club.
Do you know a friend, family member, or colleague from your business or profession that would benefit from membership in Rotary?
We heard today during Joyce's member moment that she loves Rotary for the friends, the purpose and mission of Rotary.
Other reasons that we shared during the October 8 meeting:
Leadership opportunities
The international focus of Rotary
Youth services
Love the mission of service
Gain knowledge from our speakers
Quality of the Club
Give back to the community
I like being around generous people
Doing good in the world
Making friends around the world
Love the core belief of the four-way test
PhilanthropyLearn about local organizationsFellowship Even After Retirement
Do you know anyone who might share these interests?
Do you know someone who would be a good addition to our Rotary Family?