Lincoln South Rotary Club has a strong tradition of supporting The Rotary International Foundation. Chair Joe Roberts reported on the results of our 2020-21 drive.
Foundation Chair Joe Reported:
  • 94% of our members participated in supporting The Rotary Foundation
  • RECORD number of members in Paul Harris Society - $1,000 per year - we now have 4.
  • DONATING TO FINISH THEIR PAUL HARRIS LEVEL - we had 2 members that donated enough to reach the $1,000 level.
  • We are close to meeting both our Polio Plus Goal and Annual Fund Goal.
  • RECORD number of members eligible for the drawing - 8 members were eligible.
  • Derek Feyerherm won the drawing and has become a Paul Harris Fellow (members with at least $300 donated, entered in drawing to become a Paul Harris Fellow value of $1,000)
From Foundation Drive Announcement:
The Lincoln South Rotary Club Chair for The Rotary International Foundation is Joe Roberts.
To Donate:
- - Online payments for The Rotary Foundation Donations are the most efficient if posted through Click here for  instructions.
- - You can use those same instructions to set up TRF Direct (periodic payments processed automatically).
- - Checks can be mailed to Joe. Click here to contact Joe with questions or request his address (not posted here for privacy).
The Goals this year:
•    100% participation – $120 per member ($10/month) - so far we have 40 of our members with contributions qualifying for this drive
•    Increase member contributions via Rotary Direct
•    Increase member contributions included with Annual Dues Statement
•    $14,000 to the Annual Fund (we are already at nearly $10,000)
Paul Harris Drawing (for those not yet Paul Harris Fellows)
•    Any member who already has cumulative contributions of at least $300
•    Contributes $120 during this drive
•    Winner will become a Paul Harris Fellow (with Lincoln South Rotary providing the remaining needed to reach $1,000)
Please review the flyer for additional information - click here.
If you have questions, contact Joe - click here.
The Rotary Foundation has been rated 4 stars by Charity Navigator for 13 consecutive years!