Speaker Date Topic
Emily Niebrugge Jan 25, 2019
Nebraska Organ Recovery
Nebraska Organ Recovery

Emily Niebrugge is the Public Outreach Coordinator for Nebraska Organ Recovery. Her position allows her to meet individuals from across the country who have benefitted from organ, tissue and eye donation. It also allows her to tell stories of those who selflessly gave the gift of life to those in need through donation. Emily graduated from the University of South Dakota with a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies in 2018 and also has a background in print journalism.

Morrie Enders Feb 01, 2019
Lincoln Community Playhouse
Lincoln Community Playhouse

Morrie Enders is the Executive Director of Lincoln Community Playhouse in Nebraska. For his efforts in leading the Playhouse, Morrie has been honored with a Mayor’s Arts Award (2013) and Lincoln Nonprofit Executive of the Year (2015). The Playhouse has also received Mayor’s Arts Awards for Education (2010), Outstanding Arts Event (Penguin Project – 2014) and The Twink Lynch Organizational Achievement Award (2016).

A self-proclaimed “Theatre Evangelist,” Morrie has had productions performed state, regional and national AACTFests.  He has also had shows selected for festivals in Monaco, Germany and Japan. He has served as Artistic/Managing Director of La Crosse Community Theatre and Artistic Director of Kalamazoo Civic Theatre.

Morrie received the AACT Distinguished Merit Award and was awarded the honorable designation of Fellow of AACT (both 2007). 

Delegation from The Ukraine Feb 08, 2019
Open World and Friendship Force Lincoln
Open World and Friendship Force Lincoln

Lincoln South Rotary Club is honored to host a team of delegates from The Ukraine through the Open World Program hosted by Friendship Force Lincoln. We will hear from the delegates and their activities while in Lincoln.

Brief bios of the delegation, along with the job description as written by them is below (printable version).

For complete bios and personal information, logon to the Lincoln South Rotary Club Website and click here.

Asan Amietov
Male from Kiev
Lawyer, NGO Crimea SOS: Crimea SOS focuses on the illegality of the Crimean occupation and the repressive policies of the Russian Federation. We strive to maintain ties between the peninsula and mainland Ukraine by protecting the rights, freedoms and interests of IDPs, and people suffering as a result of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

Oryna Chylutian
Female from Kiev
Lawyer, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union; Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union facilitates the development of the humane society, that is based on the respect to human life, dignity and harmonious relations between human, state, and nature through the creation of the platform for cooperation between the members of the Union and other participants of human rights movement.

Viktoriia Petruk
Female from Kiev
Lawyer, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union; The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU) promotes the development of a humane society, based on respect for human life, dignity, and harmonious relations between persons, states, and nature. Through the creation of platforms for cooperation between the UHHRU and other advocates for human rights, UHHRU protects human rights and fundamental freedoms in courts, and among the authorities and bodies of local self-government. UHHRU provides legal aid through 29 public advice centres

Maksym Tymochko
Male from Sofiyivska Borschagivka (Kiev Region)
Lawyer, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union; Human rights protection and representation of the IDPs in courts of national and international levels (European Court of Human Rights, International Criminal Court).

Bohdan Melnykovych
Male from Kiev
Lawyer, Vostok SOS Charity Organization; Charity organization “Vostok SOS” provides legal, psychological and humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons and citizens who have suffered as a result of armed conflict in Ukraine. In addition, Vostok-SOS carries out advocacy in the field of protection of the rights of these categories of persons.

Yana Chapailo
Female from
Program Specialist, American Councils for International Education; I provide assistance and expertise within all components of both Strengthening Academic Integrity in Ukraine(SAIUP) and Seeding academic Integrity in Secondary Schools(SAISS) Projects; facilitate the communication with students and faculty representatives of participating universities ensuring support to their project needs; run public outreach activities and represents the Projects in communication with media and Partners press departments, ensuring it correspond with Project outreach strategy.

Thank you to Lincoln South Rotary and Friendship Force member Maxine Moul for arranging for this visit and presentation.

Open World: https://www.openworld.gov/
Friendship Force Lincoln: https://fflincoln.org

Pam Dingman Feb 15, 2019
Lancaster County Engineer
Lancaster County Engineer

Pamela Dingman is the first woman to be elected County Engineer in Nebraska.  As Lancaster County Engineer she oversees 100 employees in 18 locations around the Lancaster County.  She is responsible for the design, maintenance, and construction of nearly 1300 miles of county roads and over 300 bridges.  Prior to being elected Lancaster County Engineer she was the owner of Engineering Design Consultants a Civil Engineering firm in Lincoln, Nebraska.  She has received the Society of Women Engineers Entrepreneur Award, American Business Women’s Association Top 10 Award, and the University of Nebraska Distinguished Young Alumni Award.  She has two adult children.

Anniversary Party Apr 26, 2019
Celebrating 35 Years of Lincoln South Rotary Club
Celebrating 35 Years of Lincoln South Rotary Club

On Friday, April 26, 2019, we are going to have a very special luncheon.  We will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of the founding of our Lincoln South Rotary Club.  It will be a fun meeting and one that every member of the club can enjoy.

At that meeting, each person will receive a booklet containing comments, thoughts, and memories of each of our members.  Whether you have been a member 1 month . . . . or 35 years . . . . we want you to be included. 

  • You can share a memory of something special that our club did many years ago.
  • You can share what drew you to join Lincoln South Rotary.
  • You can share what you think is the most special thing about our Club.
  • You can share what your favorite event or activity has been in our Club.

It will be a booklet of stories, history, and thoughts about what makes Lincoln South Rotary a very special club.

Input form as Fillable Word Form - click here
Input form as PDF - click here

Deadline to return this to me is Friday, March 1, 2019.

No Meeting At The venue May 03, 2019
Attend the Salute to Business Event April 30
Attend the Salute to Business Event April 30

On April 30 the Rotary Clubs of Lincoln will hold the Annual Salute to Business. The Lincoln South Rotary Club meeting for FridayMay 3 will be moved to the April 30 Salute to Business event.

See the events or the article on the website for details.

Scholarship Recipients May 10, 2019
Scholarship Recipients Present To The Club
Scholarship Recipients Present To The Club

This is an opportunity for us to hear from our Scholarship Recipients - their future plans and how they support Rotary's motto of Service Above Self. 

Scholarship recipients will present to Lincoln South Rotary May 10
Applications due by April 12 (criteria posted on Education Quest and sent to counselors)
Committee to select recipients:
Audrey Richert, Chair
Members - Clay Ehlers, Mary Gilbride, DeEtta Vrana, Tom Hyde, Don Rabbe, Sjohn Watson